Who am I?


About Bodstop

My name is Freddie Pascall, and I’m a mechanic and car enthusiast. I started off in this line of business about 15 years ago, and now I run a garage of my own. I’ve always loved exploring how cars are built and fixing them up; you also can’t beat some good modifications too. 

Classic cars will always be where my heart lies but I’m fascinated by the prospects of electric cars and the future of our much-loved vehicles, especially as we aim to tackle the climate crisis. There is so much new technology we need to learn about as the future of cars takes off, so hopefully I can give some insight to that here.

Besides covering automotive care and considerations on this blog, I’m also going to be delving into real estate and money management where I can.

I know you’re thinking, “How come you’ll talk about real estate if you’re a mechanic?”

Well, as I’m getting a little bit older now, I’m wanting to do the sensible thing and start planning for my future. When I’ve retired, I want to be able to live comfortably. So, I decided to invest in properties and renovate them for selling and renting purposes. 

I am by no means an expert in the real estate side of things, but I’ve worked on a good handful of houses now; one of which I’ve kept to rent as a good form of income. Someone asked me why I didn’t just rent them all more whilst I had the chance. Well, the housing market is a competitive area, and every day more and more houses are being bought and taken off the market for people to make money off people through renting. I know myself how hard it is to get on the housing ladder, especially as a first-time buyer, so I didn’t want to take that opportunity off someone else. It’s an amazing feeling buying your first house, and I hope you all get to experience it at some point in your life – if that is for you that is.

So, I decided to combine my vocation with past times through this blog and provide any useful information I can. I hope you can find something useful related to various automotive topics, real estate and even general money management (because money really does make the world go round).